The Lockmaster Windlass is a new device that takes the strain out of raising and lowering those heavy paddles on canal locks. It is compact and easily portable and comes with an integral carrying handle with leash.

The Lockmaster Windlass was previewed on Water World, an ITV program hosted by Timothy West. Final refinements of the design and testing were completed after the program was aired and an initial production run turned out finished articles in 2007.

The Lockmaster Windlass can be used with any make of cordless drill to provide a mechanical windlass that takes the hard work out of lock navigation. The Lockmaster Windlass can be used on any type of lock requiring a square taper attachment type windlass (the Grand Union for example) and is designed for use with both right hand and left hand operation..

If you are interested and would like more information on the Lockmaster Windlass or want to know how you can order one then please contact us via email.